Thank You! I noticed…

So, I am stumbling into this blogging thing like a 2 year-old does when he climbs up the stairs the day after he learned how to walk…

I have no clue what I am doing or even why I am so dedicated to making this work this time, even though history has proven to me and my “writing career” that I either need to try harder or continue dreaming about it.

Talking about a dream doesn’t make it come true either, I have wasted many youthful intoxicated nights hanging with people, drinking and partying, talking about our big dreams.  Everyone is so supportive, until you have to remind them the next day of what you had talked about but it got lost… And then you get lost too and the dream fades as you lose your spark for life. Dreams need that passion to fuel forward. Inspiration comes and goes but it came back to me and I intend to keep it ablaze.

The blogging community or even communicating with people I don’t know online is not a super familiar territory for me. Facebook has a creepy side to it and I have had to block people, I was told my Fb would be perfect to help boost my blog but I don’t want to mix the two. Not just yet anyway. Plus, I had a talk with a friend who used to blog but she stopped because the troll situation on her page got too ridiculous, she was starting to get severe anxiety attacks because of those monsters.

I had to look up what “troll” /internet slang/ meant because I probably should back under that rock I crawled out of!

Anyway, I was surprised to find that even though I had only posted my awkward, nonsensical dribble of a first post “Good Morning” a few hours earlier and I got an e-mail notification signaling that two! Not just one person had liked my post.

So, I did what the e-mail said and I quote:

“”Tetiana Aleksina liked your post on Morning Pages

They thought Good Morning was pretty awesome.

You should go see what they’re up to. Maybe you’ll like their blog as much as they liked yours!””

and the second…

“”Chris Nicholas liked your post on Morning Pages

They thought Good Morning was pretty awesome.

You should go see what they’re up to. Maybe you’ll like their blog as much as they liked yours!””

So, I did and enjoyed very much what I read, without telling you much about them I strongly suggest you take a minute to check them out because you never know, you might like it…

Unbolt Me | The Literary Asylum is Tetiana’s poetry refuge. I love poetry so I found it interesting.

The Renegade Press also known as Tales from the Mouth of a Wolf is what Chris Nicholas has built on sweat, blood and tears which led him to publish his first book Midas

I also was surprised to see two subscribers!

So, I took the time to read about DirtySciFiBuddha aka Author Kent Wayne , who has written quite a series of dystopian sci-fi novels, I’ll have to be blunt and say the science-fiction genre was never what grabbed me, I tried to read books that friends would lend me, couldn’t get into it, sci-fi shows either, it’s just not my thing and it’s silly I feel I need to apologize! But I respect what I read in Kent Wayne. Because my love of writing extends to all writers, regardless of their genre of choice. Check him out, seems like a totally decent guy.

Last but not least and probably the most helpful and insightful for me and where I’m at in the blogging game is Cristian Mihai and his post What I learned in five years of blogging and The 7 Golden Rules of Blogging Good advice! I may or may not follow the rules but I’m a rebel for the wrong reasons sometimes. Jokes aside though, this kid has got books and e-books, interviews, blogs on writing and publishing. He means business and I like someone who takes their craft seriously.

SO A HUUUUUGE THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU 1st FOUR FELLOW BLOGGERS who took the time to check out my page and/or follow me!

You gave me a boost of energy to carry on to Write a Post the very next day, which I have never achieved successfully. I’m not a quitter, I just get distracted. This could be as good as it could be bad, but I’ll never know unless I follow it through and give myself and this little dream a big chance… To be continued!